My dumb ass opinion at 4:30 in the morning

One thing I can appreciate about Stiles and Derek separately is that they’re both really good characters on their own. The actors and the characters feel like they were made for each other. Looking at Hoechlin’s track record, let’s be honest, they were trying to make him this romantic hot guy. Which yeah, it’s pretty fucking hot, but not really his thing. This dark broody, eventual good guy thing. Yeah. I’m digging that. He looked better than he’s ever looked on TV. 

Dylan… Well. Let’s just say he didn’t need Teen Wolf to showcase his good acting skills. He was amazing in all the positions he’s filled in anything. Plus he’s fucking perfect for Stiles. Like beyond perfect. I doubt anyone would make a better Stiles, but then again I’m not so actor/actress savvy so what do I know. 

In short, they don’t make each other amazing. It’s not the Sterek baiting that makes the characters or actors seem amazing at what they do, it’s their fucking acting that does it. The characters are deep, smart, funny when they need to be, evil when they need to be, and just all around amazing. 

I only say this because I feel like Scott’s character is heavily base on who he’s with. When he was with Allison he had a sort of different vibe than now when he’s with Kira. 

Lydia ia amazing no matter what guy she’s stringing along, and she’s going to start being more bad ass with her banshee powers in season 4 so watch out for that. 

Danny is cool too, just not enough character development yet. Season 4 should be his time to shine though, less people. 

All the characters are overall good, but most require each other to seem amazing, which is fine. I’m just saying if Stiles and Derek had their own TV shows I’d watch the fuck out of them and not get bored.

So I pretty much read like, the perfect Sterek fic today. It’s short, simple, and it’s sweet. Like so utterly sweet and Derek just makes you want to melt because he’s such a dumbo Alpha that you just want to hug and tell him it’s okay to have feelings and aahhh. Oh yeah and there’s quite a bit of sex, just saying. It’s not actually too much though, usually it’s like they get together and then HUG SEX SCENE and then it ends. Nope. This one is actually like a relationship kind of sort of kind of deal. IT’S GOOD OKAY?

Give it a read!! 










The girl who was my elementary school girl friend just got engaged and I’m sitting here single wearing a pug shirt and hamburger underwear

Just remember, u r someone’s dream girl

I’m a boy

Tumblr has made us forget that some people are actually straight

I’m gay

jesus this post is one train wreck after another

My great grandpa got hit by a train once.